CIL Receipts 2016/17

CIL Monies Report for Kempston Town Council

For the financial year 2016-7


Report to be submitted by 31/12/2017.


As Responsible Financial Officer of Kempston Town Council, I wish to report the Parish Council CIL income and expenditure during the financial year 2016-7.


Total CIL receipts for the reported year:                                                                                                                £656.70


Total CIL expenditure for the reported year:                                                                                      £656.70


Summary of CIL expenditure during the reported year, including the items to which

CIL has been applied, and the amount of CIL expenditure on each item:


The £656,70 was offset against summer and winter flower planting in Kempston, total cost of which was £2,060.00.


Details of any notices received                                                                                                                  Nil


The total amount of CIL receipts retained                                                                                          Nil


The total amount of CIL receipts from previous years retained                                                   Nil


This information will be published on the Kempston Town Council website