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All Saints churchyard was becoming overcrowded by the mid-nineteenth century and in 1855 the Parish Vestry resolved to enlarge it by buying land from the Cater (Kempston) Charity.  This only provided limited relief and in 1878 two acres of glebe land were bought for £300 and converted into a cemetery.  The first interment took place on 5 October 1878.  By 1893 the churchyard had been closed.  Kempston Cemetery has since had three extensions in 1915, 1972 and 1997.  The cemetery also includes a Garden of Rest wall built in 1962.  A further wall was built in one of the cemetery extensions in 1996 with a further ones being built in 2010 and 2017.  The walls are for those who have opted to cremate their loved ones and still wish to have a memorial dedicated to them.

There is also a dedicated baby burial area.


The Cemetery is run by Kempston Burials Joint Committee (A joint Committee of Kempston Town and Kempston Rural Parish Councillors) which employs its own staff to carry out maintenance work and grave digging.


Kempston has a Lawn Memorial layout for ease of maintenance and is open to the public every day during the hours of daylight.


The cemetery is available for use by residents and non-residents although residents are charged less.  The definition of a Kempston resident is as follows:


a)   His/her ordinary place of residence was within Kempston Town or Kempston Rural

b)   He/she died while resident in a hospital, nursing home, old people’s home or institution of any kind and his/her last place of residence had been within Kempston Town or Kempston Rural

c)   He/she had moved away from Kempston Town or Kempston Rural within the preceding 12 months having been a resident throughout the previous 5 years.

d)   The residency rules apply to the deceased, rather than the purchaser of a Deed.


All enquiries should be made to Kempston Town Council, Tel 01234 851005


Rules of the Cemetery

Rules of the Garden of Rest

Rules of the Baby Section

Cemetery Fees

Section N and O Section N and OOld Garden of Rest built in 1962Sections J, K and LSections Q and PSection RGarden of Rest Wall built in 1996Section T - latest extensionSection T - latest extensionSections V and W - unusedEntrance to baby sectionWar gravesWar gravesSection JVictorian SectionPathway through Victorian SectionLych gate